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Arriving by train

From train station

Out of the train station, go left and walk through the pedestrian tunnel to the village. Once being out turn right and carry on walking the main road towards the church.

Main street

After being out the tunnel and turning right, proceed along the main road. Walk up the hill for 100 mt up to the point where the road bends to the left.


There you will find an old water mill refurbished. Keep going for 20 mts.

You're arrive

After mill keep going for 20 mts, and find us right in front of you !

Arriving by car

From parking

Once you get the car parking, right out of the village, keep going walking down the hill and cross the church square.


The road goes downhill along the small river and opens up in the San Lorenzo church square with the deratched tower bell on the left.

Going downhill

Passed the church sqaure keep going downhill for 100 mt up to a bend on the left. We are a few step ahead.

There you go!

Via Discovolo 126. There you go!